Thursday, March 11, 2010

Getting Started

Okay, so I haven't posted alot of my layouts yet but I will be adding them soon.  I promise! 

I've been becoming more and more active in the Stuff To Scrap forum and doing all sorts of challenges.  It has been fun and very rewarding.  Some of my layouts have been nominated for Layout of the month!  I didn't win but the nominations were wonderful.
Here are a few of the layouts that were nominated in January/February.

Here is the link to my Stuff To Scrap Gallery - Kimmy Scraps STS Gallery
If you haven't been to Stuff To Scrap, I highly recommend it!! Great Store, Great Forum, Great Gallery! And everyone is so friendly and helpful!

Here's the link to Stuff To Scrap

Now I'm off to go try to decorate my blog!

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